The charitable department aims to help vulnerable people and those living in extreme situations (broken families, disadvantaged areas) especially children, the homeless, the disabled, the elderly, the sick and lonely and other individuals or families in difficulty.
To volunteer in our projects, see Volunteering.



“Hearts for Hearts”

is a project that involves regular visits, material and moral support to elderly people in need, in cooperation with volunteers. Through our partners we select people who fall into this category. The next step is to entrust the people to our volunteers, who take a commitment to visit them at least twice a month. For each visit, our volunteer receives a sum of money, which it will be used to purchase food or goods.
Beneficiaries include people from nursing home in Cluj.

„Together for a Better Life”

is a project which consists of temporarily material support to beneficiaries, individuals or families in distress who require urgent assistance (money, food, medicine, school supplies, clothing, help finding a job or another type of aid). This help is provided for a period of time, usually until the person or family can maintain and sustain itself. You can support the project by donating money or goods (food, supplies, drugs).

„Celebration of the poor”

takes place every year on 19 March, the anniversary of the “Holy Family” Foundation. On this occasion, Foundation staffs together with volunteers and benefactors, prepare a festive hot meal for the poorest of our benefactors, to whom we also offer a food package. You can support this project by providing the equivalent of a serving of food.

„I want to help”

is a platform that was born after a successful initiative of a Facebook group which tried to find help online. In this group, more than 30 people (Foundation benefactors) were helped in various situations (finding job or rent, furnishing the apartment, various donations, etc.).
I want to help is a Facebook page aimed at forming a community of donors responding to immediate shortages of people in need: shelter, food, clothing or other needs. This page has been nominated for the 2015 IAA Young Proffesionals Cluj Gala Games of Tribes.

„Storehouse for mothers and babies”

is a place to store clothing, objects and utensils necessary for pregnant mothers and for mothers and babies who need help: diapers, clothing, bottles, milk powder, scales, stroller, blankets, and so on.
You can support the project by donating items of common use for mothers and babies.

„Free loan”

This project is aimed at people with limited financial possibilities. We rent for free medical equipment such as: wheelchairs, walking frames, metal, medical crutches and other medical devices, based on a 6 months loan contract, with possibility of extension, depending on need.
You can support the project by donating or sponsoring the purchase of a medical device.