The Department of Education promotes a culture based on Christian values ​​, cultivating a genuine dialogue, on witnessing the truth and sharing it, with love, to our neighbor.


whose subjects include various educational, moral, religious or historical aspects with their implications in contemporary society.
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Marriage preparation courses

designed to prepare young people to live truly the sacrament of marriage . The course is structured in such a way to achieve the most important aspects of married life.
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Chastity education

This program is conducted in partnership with the Franciscan University of Steubenville, USA (Austrian program).
American students are volunteering a week in Cluj-Napoca and around giving talks to high school students about what it means to be a Christian and how to live chastely.
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“Pier Giorgio Frassati” Club

Born out of our desire to offer to people of any age a place where they can spend their time in a healthy way, that would uplift their spirit, the club offered several club circles as the ones for astronomy, cycling and board games.
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The Cineforum

We organize monthly movie projections, followed by free discussions about the movies just watched. The purpose of this activitiy is similar to the one of the ”Pier Giorgio Frassati” Club – to build up the spirit in a relaxing atmosphere. The movies we choose are movies that promote human values and send a positive message, even if they are not necessarily religious movies.
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The library

With over 2,000 titles, comprises works of literature and theology, history or art.
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Study and discussion groups

The ”Love and Truth” Center promotes a culture of dialogue and thus has organized different study and sharing groups, aiming both to study and human formation and to providing a place that encourages sharing and communion between people.
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Marriage counselling

Our center provides accompaniment and post matrimonial counseling, parenting counseling, and counseling on natural family planning (Röetzer Method).

The Center hosts Club David, meetings, which offers a time of friendship for people with intellectual disabilities.