All services provided by the Holy Family Foundation are free, and all our resources come exclusively from donations. The main financing source are funds from the Transilvania Bank and Cluj-Napoca City Hall
Founded in September 2005 as a self-financing source, the „Saint Joseph” Medical Center SRL covers only in part the expenses of the Foundation (about 10%).
We continuously need donations in order to continue the Foundation’s activities.
Your donation will be directed to:

  • Medical services: purchase of medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment and maintenance
  • Charity (food packages, school supplies, clothing, footwear, hot meals for homeless, etc.)
  • Expenses for building maintenance
  • Educational programs (courses, teaching materials and supplies, seminars, counseling)
  • Information and publicity materials

How to contribute?

As an individual

  • Donate 2 or 3,5% of taxes download statement 2 or 3,5%
  • Bank transfer
    – Cont IBAN lei: Banca Română de Dezvoltare Cluj, România, RO15BRDE130SV07856701300
    – Cont IBAN Euro: Banca Română de Dezvoltare Cluj, România, RO42BRDE130SV06568001300
    – Cont IBAN USD: Banca Română de Dezvoltare Cluj, România USD RO38BRDE130SV87339011300
  • Directly at the Foundation, where you are always welcome.