In the same year also a Charitable Association, “The Charity Family”, was founded, its main beneficiaries being orphans, children with visual disabilities and deficiencies as well as poor and large families.
For 6 years, these activities were carried out in a four rooms flat.

In 1996, The Sisters of the Christian Doctrine of Luxemburg, appreciative of the Foundation’s activities, started to support it by donations and by financing the construction of a modern building, for an appropriate activity of the Polyclinic.

Since May 2000, the Foundation’s activity is taking place in the new building (the present headquarters in str. Moţilor 32).

In September 2005, in order to cover some of the expenses, the Foundation created a limited-responsibility Society, The “St. Joseph” Physio-Kinesitherapy Centre, functioning in the same building.

Since October 2009 the Foundation also established in this building the Charity and education “Love and Truth” Center, whith the purpose of expanding and developing the former activity of the ”Family of charity” Association by enhancing it with spiritual and educational activities.

In July 2013 The “St. Joseph” Physio-Kinesitherapy Centre has become “St. Joseph” Medical Center and in addition to the former activity, it also offers consultations of internal medicine, cardiology, abdominal, cardiology and vascular ultrasound and ultrasound for soft tissue and thyroid.